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25 June 1998

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Brooks Global Studies
Extended Year Magnet School

Greensboro, North Carolina

Welcome to Ms. Wilson's and Ms. Edmondson's
2nd Grade Class Web Page!!

During the past 1997-1998 school year the class took on a photography project that was sponsored by Eastman Kodak and Wolf Camera at The Four Season's Town Center Mall in Greensboro, North Carolina. This effort is also the result of NationsBanks' Education Initiative Program, a volunteer program that encourages employee involvement in their local communities.

Each student was provided with a Kodak Fun Time 35mm disposable camera. Wolf Camera processed the film and printed the photographs. There were two themes to choose from. One was called "Know Your Community." The other was called "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, -Picture It!"

The class was also asked to build something new out of recycled materials and make photographs of the materials and the final invention. The invention itself did not really have to work-just a machine they really wished exist or something the earth may need in the future.

Students were asked to write an essay on 'What Can I Do To Help The Earth?,' to be included on their Web Page. We hope you enjoy the results of this project. Please write or E-mail us at our schools address and let us know about projects you are working on.


Brooks Global Studies
Extended Year Magnet School

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